Owning a Mailbox and Business Center

The Opportunity:

Mail Box and Business Centers are springing up all around the country, and have created a rapidly growing, $300 billion industry. The core customers of this expanding business concept span a wide array of business needs. From established brick and mortar businesses, local shops, law offices, government offices, schools, small home run enterprises, and virtually any other organization or venture you can imagine. Opening up your own neighborhood Mail Box and Business Center gives you the opportunity to supply this large, diversified customer base with all the services, capabilities, and merchandise they need to effectively meet their daily business and shipping needs, pack and ship services, and objectives.

Business and Investment Options Can I get financing to become a Mailbox Store Owner?
Starting a Business with MBCD Exactly what services does Mailbox And Business Center Developers provide?
Turn Key Business vs Franchise Why an Independent, Turn-Key Business - instead of a franchise?
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Need and Convenience

The neighborhood Mail Box and Business Center provides the most economical and convenient source for any business enterprise, providing solutions for their marketing essentials, such as large format banners for special events, custom business cards, professional meeting and/or computer workstations, packing, shipping and mail services, business logistics such as a private mailbox and business addresses, legal forms, high quality office supplies, and much more.

The quality and convenience of the wide variety of these required services and products delivered make the neighborhood Mail Box and Business Center a thriving hub for the local business community, and a potential gold mine for the owner.

What is it like to open a business with the assistance of Mail Box and Business Center Developers?

The first step.

Getting started on your own store project is as simple as filling out our information form or calling in to talk to one of our National Development Directors. They are here to handle any questions or concerns you have during the store development phase.

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Securing Business Financing

After doing the initial planning with your National Development Director, you will be assigned a Business Funding Advisor to help secure the necessary financing for your store. Every client’s financial situation is different, so we offer a variety of different financing types. Not sure if you qualify for business financing? Our free credit repair services and special financing programs have helped several clients qualify for funding. There is no risk to find out if you qualify for business financing.

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Finding A Suitable Retail Space

The right location is a critical factor in the success of a business. Our Real Estate site location team analyzes every potential space in your desired market using industry-leading commercial real estate tools. They provide you with the metrics that matter to a business, like a comprehensive traffic count, complete demographics studies, and competition analysis, ultimately helping you identify the best available retail spaces in your area.

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Negotiating a Retail Lease

Our experience in lease negotiation allows us to protect clients from the clauses that will cost them money. We have a comprehensive checklist of provisions that allows us to negotiate better retail lease terms and get lower rent rates than an owner is likely to get on their own.

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Building Out Your Store

Mailbox And Business Center Developers has built thousands of stores for our clients. When the site is ready, one of our Build Out Supervisors will travel to your location and oversee the entire build. We provide the labor, fixtures, and services required to build your store – and then hand you the keys.

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Global Merchandise Network

Mailbox and Business Centers takes advantage of a global wholesale merchandise network and our own import warehouse to provide great value for our clients. We have buying power based on volume, and negotiate the best possible prices for our network members. Our buyers hand-select merchandise, focusing on quality and profitability, so we can recommend the highest-performing products for you to stock.

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Training and On Going Support

Our training program covers every aspect of successful store operation. From ordering merchandise to promotion and personnel supervision, everything is covered by Mailbox And Business Center Developers training. Clients can learn via phone and internet or they can attend classes at our Las Vegas corporate facility. Training is tailored to each owner’s schedule. And it doesn't stop after you open. Clients can request additional training for the life of their store.

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Have Questions?

Join our free teleseminar.

Business Teleseminar

We offer an ongoing series of telesminars geared to our various retail business concepts in a casual, no-pressure environment. Feel free to join us just to listen - or bring your questions. You need only sign up and call in to the teleconference line to connect with fellow investors and our business experts.

Upcoming Dates

Topic Date Reserve Spot
Dollar Teleseminar Nov. 29, 2018, 5 p.m. PST
Party Teleseminar Dec. 6, 2018, 5 p.m. PST
Mailbox Teleseminar Dec. 13, 2018, 5 p.m. PST

We will email instructions to connect to the teleseminar and reminders about the event before it occurs.

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The Advantages of Independent, Turn-Key Ownership over Franchise Opportunities

We are NOT a mail franchise like UPS Stores or Post Net. You are the 100% owner of your Mailbox and Business Center and everything in it. You have 100% control over all aspects of your business. You never pay royalties or fees like you would with a franchise. You keep 100% of what you earn. Mailbox and Business Center Developers offers financing assistance, in-house credit repair services (when necessary), site location, lease negotiation, training, operations and store build-out, merchandising, and comprehensive on-going support. There will be an expert available to assist you for every step of your center’s development and for the entire life of the business. Mailbox and Business Center Developers offers you virtually all the same services a franchise would without any handcuffs or strings attached. Why buy into a franchise when for thousands less you can be an independent owner who never has to pay royalties? Review the services we offer, watch the testimonials of our clients and the informative videos from our in-house mailbox industry experts. After you research all of your options, the choice will be clear and we will be here to help you begin your journey towards independent Mailbox and Business center ownership.

The Store Owner is the Boss

Mailbox and Business Center Owners make 100% of the final decisions in regards to their new business. They also keep 100% of the profits. They control all decisions made throughout the process of getting their center open. Mailbox And Business Center Developers simply provides counseling, service and support. Our owners never need to feel alone.

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