Many major small business news experts are repeating the same message to the younger generation in their online business articles; invest your money in your own small business.

One source, made this their August 17, 2017, main article as others are repeating their advice to young people. After witnessing a generation that came of age after The Great Recession, entered a job market when jobs were scarce, and after years of college left them with more debt than their income could pay; the potential this generation holds to run a successful small business is extremely high.

According to millennials have grown up in a time that makes small business ownership easier for them. They were the first fully-digital generation. Social media is and has been a part of their life. They desire to work to make a difference. Being a generation that grew up with a mobile device in their pocket, they know how to operate and do anything from anywhere. Mostly to contrary belief, they are willing to work hard. And as most don't have family obligations they have more time to devote to the success of their business.

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