Though over thirty years old, there are not many changes have been made in E-mail technology. Approximately 269 billion emails are sent each day and for small business owners, this can quickly consume their valuable time. Email has been around so long that all ages groups know how to effectively use, which can become a nightmare for small business owners. Recently released new and time-saving approaches to handling your email overload.

Stop email instant gratification – Turn off all new emails alerts and set aside quality time to deal with the inbox. Focus on the task at hand, rather than allowing constant interruptions.

Take control – Move emails out to a folder as you deal with them (from reading to responding). Use your software to filter out all non-essential emails automatically.

Think before hitting send – Is email the best way to communicate? If not, then be bold; use an alternative like actually having a chat in person.

Make it easy for people to reply properly – Keep it short – try limiting yourself to five lines, with bullet points and/or questions you need to be addressed. Within that, make sure your message is structured, succinct, and spell-checked and focused on a single topic.

Set boundaries for work emails – When you want to get away from work, make sure your emails don’t follow you and you don’t get sucked back into work queries. If decisive action isn’t taken, we face becoming eternal slaves to our email inbox.

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