As human beings, we don't all learn the same, process information the same, or base our reasons for purchasing products the same.

People fall into one of three categories; Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic. What does this mean for small business owners? Visual people want to see a product and purchase it based on their like of the look. Auditory people want to hear or read about a product to decide on purchasing. Kinesthetic people purchased based on feelings; the purchase feels right to them or they want to physically touch the merchandise.

For small business owners to reach all customers and ensure sales the secret is to key in on all three types of buyers.

For your visual customers, your store’s appearance and photos of items available on your website lure them in. For auditory customers, clear descriptions and video content on your website is their draw. For kinesthetic customers, creating web content that reaches their emotional side and having products placed where they are easily reachable will close the sales.

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