Financing Assistance

Too often potential entrepreneurs see financing their dreams as an insurmountable obstacle, abandoning thoughts of pursuing the idea because it just seems impossible. We know this is tragically incorrect. For those who need it, we do absolutely everything in our power to obtain the capital necessary to start the business. Our in-house team of experienced finance professionals understands the different finance options, both conventional and unconventional. Signature loans, SBA loans, hard asset loans, the ability to borrow against a secured CD, and retirement account rollovers are a few financing options that are available through our network of independent lenders and brokers. Our team has relationships with lending agencies and knows precisely what these entities are looking for. They know what is required to secure the funding needed, and how to cut through red tape in a timely manner in nearly every instance. The best part is that the process is practically worry-free on your part - it's all coordinated in-house by our experienced staff.

What does financing entail?

For many of our customers, the financing package may cover the entire cost of opening their store, including working capital! Your advisor will review your financial profile and make recommendations as to the most cost effective lending options available to you. Our finance team will assist you in preparing a detailed business plan--should your lender require one--at no cost to you. And of course we will provide whatever level of assistance you may require as we work through the funding process together.

100% financing including working capital available on approved credit!

We are often able to get new business owners WORKING CAPITAL for a number of months. You are completely free to laser-focus all of your efforts toward running a successful business during those vital first months.

Free Credit Repair Services

For clients with a FICO score of at least 650, but insufficient to allow 100% financing, our Finance Department can have one of our authorized vendors perform a free credit repair service that can potentially help improve your credit score to a level that can enable 100% financing and working capital. Do not assume that you cannot obtain funding for your store. We routinely open stores for people who thought they had no chance - due to poor credit. Actual FICO scores often differ from what may be found on various credit reports. Most prospective clients find that we are able to quickly improve their score - if necessary - to a level that opens up tremendous opportunity.


Many believe that a bankruptcy will prevent them from securing financing--nothing could be further from the truth ! Aligned with our ability to address credit repair, we now have a provider that can, in 95% of cases, remove the bankruptcy from both your credit report and public records, allowing you to secure financing to open your store. There is a cost, and it can take 3-6 months for the process to be completed, but there is no better time to start now ! Give us a call and we can process your application and get to work for you !

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