The MBCD Operations Department works from a comprehensive, 75-item checklist to ensure that each store is completed properly and opens on schedule. We work with our clients to order and schedule delivery of all fixtures, supplies, equipment and signage.

Retail Store Build Out and Design

Each MBCD store fixture package is designed to create an upscale, chain store environment. Typically included are six foot tall steel framed gondolas, eight feet of slatwall on interior walls, checkout units with impulse product display area, jewelry and/or specialty display units, shopping carts and baskets, cash registers (optional Point of Sale system available) fax machine, various separate merchandise racks, and more - including an allowance for an outdoor sign. Store fixtures are finished to create a clean inviting atmosphere. A custom-installed stereo system contributes to the pleasant background for shoppers. An extensive interior sign package includes wall perimeter signage, overhead banners for every day and every season, and coordinated endcap and side counter Point Of Purchase signage - all combining to make your store exciting and inviting!

Look like a big franchise with our professional build out

Our Build-Out Supervisor travels to your store site to work with and supervise labor that we provide. We install and set up everything. Build-out includes installation of all fixtures, placement of equipment, mounting of all signage, stocking supplies and setting up all computer systems. Normally, the Build-Out Supervisor remains at the store site until it opens for business. To ensure the best control and professional build-out, each Supervisor is a full-time employee of MBCD. When the Build-Out Supervisor’s job is completed, he hands you the keys - and you're in business!

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